About Us

THE QUM ACTORS (001848149-M) is a theatre production company established in Kuala Lumpur and registered with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (ROC) on March 2009. The idea to form this company originated from Dr.Shark, founder of Tronoh Theatre Shop (TTS), Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. The company was then founded by Faisal Aziz and co-founded by Yusuf Amat, both of which are alumnis of TTS. Initially, the formation of the company was to participate and compete in the Kuala Lumpur Theatre Festival 2009.

After successfully winning 2nd runner-up and The Most Promising Actor Award in the festival, TQA then decided to expand its horizon to other performing arts activities anywhere in the world of arts. TQA is a platform for TTS Alumnis to maintain their passion in the arts by developing their skills in professional theatre.

Presently, TQA consists of several shareholders with a Board of Directors which plays the major part of managing this company. Besides stage performances, we also provide theatre production management services and conduct theatre communication workshops for primary and secondary schools.

To become a professional theatre production company of choice.


  • To promote mime acting in Malaysia and produce, train and expose more Malaysian mime artistes.
  • To promote theatre in a wider perspective that performing arts are suitable for all people from different races and religious backgrounds.